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The Otselic Valley Fishing & Heritage Association (OVF&HA) is a new, nonprofit organization with a stated purpose to:

  • Provide opportunities for persons to learn the history of the region's role in sport fishing and the fishing line industry
  • Develop fishing related skills, including awareness of fishing tackle and equipment, fish species, seasons, locations, and services
  • Promote awareness and support for the regionís natural and historical resources, so as to help improve the quality of life for those who reside within the river valley and to encourage others to learn and appreciate its heritage and recreational resource opportunities

Sign for the Hamlet of South Otselic, New York

Join Us!
We welcome you to join, and consider giving a membership to your favorite anglers to the Otselic Valley Fishing & Heritage Association.  Membership in this local non-profit organization provides valuable support for the annual Fishing Heritage Day in the hamlet of South Otselic.  This special one-day event calls public attention to the history of recreational fishing and its related industry when the Gladding Fishing Line Co., started in 1816, was the world's largest fishing line manufacturer.  Also, since 1932, the State of New York has operated one of its twelve fish hatcheries in South Otselic.  Click on "Become a Member" and join with others interested in preserving this part of our American heritage, by educating young and old alike to the healthy outdoor world of fishing. 

As the OVF&HA develops and matures, it is hoped that events such as the Fishing Heritage Day and other programs and projects will develop to raise awareness and appreciation for the history, as well as future opportunities within the scenic Otselic River Valley.

Little girl catches big carp - Photo used with permission of Mizrahi Manor Farm


The Otselic Valley Fishing & Heritage Association (OVF&HA), in partnership with the New York State Department of Environmental Conservation, hosted the sixth annual Fishing Heritage Day on May 17.  The main event took place at both the State Fish Hatchery and the Otselic Town Park in South Otselic, NY.  Three sets of musicians performed throughout the day in the Town Park.  Also, from 12pm-3pm the Zoomobile from Ross Park Zoo in Binghamton featured a selection of live animals by the Town Hall.  The U.S. Postal Service introduced the 2014 special stamp cancellation, with a design by local artist Betsy Jensen.  As in previous years, there were several non-profit organizations along with various arts, crafts and antiques for sale in the Town Park, while food and drink offerings were provided by local nonprofit organizations. Nearby, at Gladding Braided Products, one of their vintage braiding machines was demonstrated, while down the street at the Otselic Valley Grange, guest author John Taibi, presented a 1-hour program entitled Rails, Rods, Reels and Creels, illustrating the association between railroading and the region's rivers and lakes.  Once again, the Grange hosted a successful BBQ luncheon and their community-wide garage sales. In addition to the trout fishing clinics, and tours of the hatchery facilities, fishing educator Mike Riordan of Central Square, NY presented several program activities aimed at helping young anglers and their parents learn the basics of fishing, while Gary Romanic taught the art of  fly casting next to the hatchery facility. Other attractions included an open house at the South Otselic Fire Department, including a K-9 unit, Amigo Search & Rescue, 095 and the State Rollover demonstration.  In the center of the hamlet at the Otselic Valley Garage, several vintage farm tractors were displayed. This marked the sixth year that Fishing Heritage Day has provided an opportunity for hundreds of families to enjoy the heritage of South Otselic's tie to the sport fishing industry. 

For information on how to become a member of the OVF&HA, or to participate as a vendor or sponsor, please see the links on this website or call 315-653-7490.

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