2021 Fishing & Heritage Day

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The Otselic Valley Fishing & Heritage Association (OVF&HA) is a nonprofit organization with a stated purpose to:

Provide opportunities for persons to learn the history of the region's role in sport fishing and the fishing line industry

Develop fishing related skills, including awareness of fishing tackle and equipment, fish species, seasons, locations, and services

Promote awareness and support for the region’s natural and historical resources, so as to help improve the quality of life for those who reside within the river valley and to encourage others to learn and appreciate its heritage and recreational resource opportunities

Your support preserves this effort and allows the OVF&HA to continue its mission.

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Your membership in the Otselic Valley Fishing & Heritage Association contributes to offset the cost of the Annual Fishing & Heritage Day. You also support the Association's purpose to increase awareness and appreciation of the area's historic role in the sport fishing industry.

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